Whether it is Camping, Tramping, Hunting, Fishing, Skiing, Cycling, Biking, Eco accommodation,
or just somewhere to house an unruly teenager!, the POD can do it all…

pod info

The POD can be many things to anybody


The Pod was designed for Camping, but can be customised to your purpose , Therapy Room, Workshop,Studio,Sleepout,Meditation space, and loads of uses we havent thought of yet..
The POD is easily transported, and its beautiful shape slots seamlessly into any environment, be it urban, rural or bush, just position it and plug it in.


All Pods come pre-assembled. Manufactured from sustainable NZ Radiata Pine, with various treatment options.

The standard Pod is a bedroom with a 1600mm deck. They are 3.9m long, 2.6m wide and 2.2m high internally.
They come with double-glazed cedar doors and window, two hotpoints, external and interior lighting ,electrically certified with consumer units ready to wire in. Sheepswool insulation in the bulkheads, polystyrene underfloor and thermal breathable membrane and reflective foil insulation beneath the gerard roof tiles.
Carpet square is included.
We also offer a larger family pod, 4.8m long, 2.9m wide and 2.7m high internally, comes with all the same fixtures and fittings as the standard Pod, but is 40% bigger by volume.


The POD has customisable options, including interior/exterior lighting, window dressing and door/window hardware.

Pods are worldwide, on campgrounds and in beautiful places.

To check out other Pod locations and maybe book a Pod stay while overseas, click below.


The POD is exclusively manufactured in New Zealand by The Pod nz ltd under license from Newfoundland Lodges Uk, registered NZ design number 415514.

Beware of imitations!.